Inbiotics scientific team offers the platform and infrastructure for supporting biotech education which are carefully engineered and implemented to provide the best quality at the highest levels of courseware and learning systems for the student fulfilling global standard. The training centre aims to serve the needs of both biotech employees and students.

What we do?

INBIOTICS believes that Total quality involves integrating every aspect of its operations into quality Management - the focus being

Biotechnology is a knowledge based industry requiring manpower which has the right combination of understanding the technology in use as well as managerial expertise required to mature this technology into a commercial and fertile business. To bring the latest knowledge and skills of Biotechnology within the reach of career- aspirants and enrich the interplay of academics and industry exposure Inbiotics is committed in developing a more creative and culturally diverse biotech community.

The training programme will cover all aspects of modern biology including understanding of process, principles, experimentation, animal and plant technologies, computational biology, basics of project management, IPR issues, business values and finances.

  • Technical workshops (3 days crash course)
  • Short term training (one week course)
  • Summer training / mini project ( 15 days)
  • Academic project (30 days to 6 months)
  • Pharma staffing
  • Research training
  • Ph.D programme (Full time / Part time)
  • Technical writing
  • Research publications
  • Career counseling
  • Educational consultancy (Medicine / Engineering / Nursing and Management)
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