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From the desk of Chief Scientific Officer

It is with great honur and enthusiasm that I continue my mandate as Chief Scientific Officer of Inbiotics. Over the last 5 years, sustained investment on the various domain of Inbiotics to nourish our major divisions viz drug inlicensing, technology transfer, diagnostics, R&D; which has enabled the creation of a solid base of research unit of good standards.

Inbiotics has many challenges to face if it wishes to continue to stand out in the society of modern science: it needs to revitalize research and innovation by fostering major cross-sectoral projects and knowledge transfer to businesses, practice settings and public bodies; improve the competitiveness of Inbiotics researchers both within and abroad; and provide increased support to our young scientists.

As Chief Scientific Officer, my mandate is to advise the team on Research and Science, in order to ensure Inbiotics position and influence on India and international levels. I am also Chairing the business development team, to focus on International alliances and funding, coordinate common issues and cross-sectoral research activities. I am also working on integrating administrative services and I collaborate with the Scientific Directors of other scientific agencies in order to ensure that they are coordinating with us effectively.

Dr. K.P. Srinivasakumar, Ph.D, FCP, MASBMB, MD(AM)

Chief Scientific Officer Inbiotics

My position as interface between the research and business which enables me to build connections and make adjustments that will take Inbiotics research system further in terms of knowledge production and innovation, thus increasing its influence. The fruits of our research should contribute to the living conditions, personal fulfillment and well-being of all members associated. I will rise to this stimulating challenge with the collaboration of the entire research community.

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